Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Covering Sunday

Surprised to see me back so soon? Well that makes two of us. Though I did promise to do this a millon years ago, so it shouldn't be that surprising? In any case, I'm here with covers for upcoming Shounen Sunday volume releases! I'll try to do this once a month, but no promises that I'll be on time.

First is RINNE 37. I vaguely remember covering this arc a few weeks back, and as usual Takahashi's art has a really classic design to it.

Next is Magic Kaito #5 done in the cover style of the classic ones that came out in the '80's, though Aoyama's current art style can run but it can't hide. It's simple but effective though.

More Aoyama for your approval. Conan looks more like a super spy in this one with that action pose of his. I do really like Aoyama's use of actual photos in his covers as it gives a kind of "real life" tether to the events in the series. 

Komi-san #5 is on sale soon, and I really like how this cover is designed. The title of the series is there but not obtrusive, and Komi-san looking at us while getting her hair floofed is kind of cute.

Souboutei #5 Is simple but spellbinding. I'll be picking this one up when it arrives digitally! 

Volume 12-13 wrap up Tokiwa Kitareri!! Nothing really stand-out-ish about these covers, though the group gathering on the finale makes sense.

Hatsukoi Zombie 8 is very festive! I don't talk about it much in the main blog entries, but I really like Minenami's cute art, and this cover is no exception.

Mushibugyo #30 --I've always liked that Fukuda designs the Mushibugyo covers like posters done in traditional Edo style but with his on unique twist. 

Maiko-san chi no Makanai-san's use of watercolors is inviting and warm, like the series itself. Interestingly enough it's labeled under "Shounen Sunday special" Which doesn't seem to have any discernible difference from normal WSS comics, but I don't have the volume myself to confirm. 

Maoujou de Oyasumi has a pretty cute cover drawn from an interesting angle. Are those swings or cups?

Amano Megumi gets festive with a Christmas cover. I like the placement of the title so that it doesn't get in the way here.

The last volume of Keijo is pretty dynamic, and gets points for not just being a group picture of the characters like final volumes tend to be. 

Volume 9 of Saike has an interesting theme to it. I do wish Fukuchi would have other characters on the cover, but when they look like this, I can't complain that much.

That's it for this time! Hopefully I'll see you all next month with the next set of Sunday releases!

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