Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weekly Shounen Sunday #16 (Preview)

In an attempt to make my work a little easier on Tuesdays, (and thanks to friends, I'm able to get this info pretty early) I'm going to start preview posts if/when I get a little info rather than wait till Tuesday to talk about everything. That way I can focus on the talkback and remain somewhat relevant. It's one Sunday with two posts a week, maybe! Though I will say straight up that I don't have the entire issue yet so don't expect this to be the same as the Tuesday writeup.

Basically some people are able to get the entire issue on Saturday rather than Tues (Wed in Japan) when it's released, and it's up to them to decide what they wanna post, which means I'm at the mercy of whatever I can find. Don't worry though! I will continue doing my part on Tuesdays! This is just to shave a little time off what I talk about and make this a quasi news/info blog, I guess. 

The cover of the issue is Komi-san to celebrate the release of it's 3rd volume. Saike is on top because he also returns this issue, though I dunno what's going on for the time being. 

We finally have numbers for Denpa's final chapter, which is three more installments away, meaning that unless it has a break between now and then, it should be saying farewell in issue 18. 

Meanwhile, Hayate has 5 issues left, so if there are no breaks, it'll be hopping off the WSS train in issue 20. With the admittedly not successful Oniwo ending in 15, Denpa in 18 and Hayate in 20, it would seem that WSS is losing series really quickly and one after another..

Admittedly, the reason why I even decided to do this is because of this announcement. To commemorate Takahashi's combined works reaching a 200 million sales milestone, the magazine will celebrate in many different ways, including two brand new oneshots from her running in two consecutive issues (Starting with the next one, which is probably why Rinne is taking some time off) This is a big deal since it's been about 18 years since Takahashi did a oneshot anywhere. 

The second thing will be that the authors of WSS (and Adachi Mitsuru who they give top billing to, so it reads like "Adachi Mitsuru and WSS authors will draw Takahashi characters...I guess it's good to be a legend.) So it'll be kind of like how Jump artists got together and drew Kochi Kame/Dragonball/One piece characters in their art style. 

The third thing will be goods of all 108 Takahashi characters, which while I'm not her biggest fan does sound really cool.

And the fourth thing will be a Takahashi work set, which seems to be like her storyboards and stuff? Not 100% sure of this. 

Along with that, Hatsukoi Zombie will (probably) get a color page for the newest arc and the release of it's 6th volume. 

Not a Takahashi fan? That's cool, how do new series sound? That's right, with the next issue, the magazine will announce the new series that will be serializing in the spring! Good timing with so many series ending/being cancelled. That'll be super exciting at least! Anyway, that's it for the preview, though if I get more stuff I'll post it here --so consider this post a work in progress! Till Tuesday, stay cool. 


  1. Sunday's latest purge of series reminds me of what happened last year in Jump. Similarly, I'm expecting a big set of new series to start serializing one after another at some point to replenish the lineup.

    I'm excited for all the Takahashi stuff! Takahashi actually has done some one-shots in recent years, just not in Sunday. I always enjoy her one-shots so I'm looking forward to reading them when they're translated. Lum has been drawn by mangaka in their styles before, but it'll be cool to see some of Takahashi's other characters get the same treatment. Hoping to see some Sesshomaru art since he's my favorite Takahashi character after Lum. I'll probably seek out those character goods and work set when they come out and import them. It really is a great time to be a Takahashi fan!

    1. They're implying the next set of series will be revealed in the next issue, so it should be interesting to see what they come up with. One series was (sorta) revealed as I indicated in a past blog entry, so I do wonder what else will be revealed?

      And really? I only indicated "18 years" because that was what was on the blurb on the page, but I didn't know she's done recent stuff. I really should read up on the lady, lol.

      I'm not really sure what the work set is. When I have the issue proper, I'll look it up since I'll have it in slightly better quality than what's here. It does mention her storyboards and stuff so...yeah.

      I admit I'm a little weary of the length of her works, but generally speaking they start off (and sometimes end?) really strongly so I do enjoy her sense of style! It's good for Sunday to have such a well known author working for them!