Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunday Scanning

Now that we've become friends(?) and you've gotten used to what I do here on this blog, your question might be Jojo pose "Sakaki, I like XXXX series, but is it available in English somewhere?" Sadly, a lot of this wonderful magazine isn't available legally in English despite manga becoming much more easily accessible. So what's a person to do? I translate manga, but I can't translate the whole magazine despite, y'know, basically doing that each week.  So as much as I'm sorta iffy on having links to scans due to them falling in a basic legal grey area, I figure if I want to be more than just a fan screaming into the darkness, I have to round out this blog with features such as news and sources to read stuff *in* the magazine. Of course for series that are legally available, I'll emphatically recommend you get your Sunday on that way. With that said, lets do this.

Viz's shounen Sunday site

First and foremost, I really would suggest you get your Sunday on officially. While the selection is...lacking when compared to the Japanese releases, you gotta start somewhere! You can get Conan, Hayate, Kekkaishi, RINNE, Magi and all from this site and other retailers both offline and online. To assuage my weak consciousness please make this your first stop for series. As such I won't be including anything here in my write up. (It's not that they don't exist of course, but my days of being an accomplise are mostly through, mostly because I'm too old to run from scanslation police.) 

Komi-san Wa Komysho desu
Status: Ongoing.
Latest chapter: 34.
Latest chapter (Japan): 69.

So they're a ways behind, but it's something. It looks like pretty sporadic updates though with nothing for almost a month and then an explosion of activity after that. The translation quality is pretty good, so I say go for it!

Maou-jou de Oyasumi
Status: Ongoing
Latest chapter: 28
Latest chapter (Japan): 48

So like Komi, it's a ways behind, but the group working on it is making some strides, and they're a lot more active with at least one or two releases a month. The translation --or, well the syntax of the translation seems a little wonky, but is readable. It's defs worth a read!

Hatsukoi Zombie
Status: Ongoing
Latest chapter: 72
Latest chapter (Japan): 72

And surprisingly enough this is completely caught up! The scanslators seem to work on chapters almost every week, so if you love some First love Zombie then you can't go wrong with this. The translation and scan quality are pretty awesome too, so by all means check it out. (Tbh, I probably won't be covering it on the blog now that I know this, though I do love the series so.)

Status: Ongoing
Latest chapter: 54
Latest chapter (Japan): 137

*Wipes brow* That's quite a huge gap. Though as of now, it seems the scanslators are picking up the pace a little bit. They also seem to be using volume scans for it so the quality is super nice. The translation is also pretty good, so if you're looking for something sweet to chew on (but don't because computers aren't edible) then you can't go wrong with Dagashi scanslations.

Be Blues Ao Ni Nare
Status: Stalled(Scanslation)/Ongoing (Japan)
Latest chapter: 7
Latest chapter (Japan): 285

*Wipes brow furiously* I mean they uploaded seven chapters in a week which is something, but that's gonna need to be doubled --no, tripled upon if they hope to reach the end of this series sometime this century. --ah, I just read the rest of the description and the person doing this can only do the first volume. No offense to this person at all, of course, but it is clearly an amateur effort, with the scan only being passable, but the translation is clear and very readable. It'd be great to see more someday...

Status: Ongoing
Latest chapter: 137
Latest chapter (Japan): 174

Not too bad at all in all accounts. They seem to at least update a chapter per week-ish, sometimes more. Like Dagashikashi, they're using volume scans rather than magazine ones, so the quality is excellent. The translation is also nicely done, and it seemingly is being handled by the same group all the way through, so the quality should be consistent. I know I've been skipping it lately in the coverage, but I'll get back to it, I promise. For now, why not acquaint yourselves with the scanslation?

Zettai Karen Children
Status: On Temporary Hiatus
Latest chapter: 470
Latest chapter (Japan): 475

It'll probably catch up to the Japanese releases with the brief hiatus (I assume). The group --Zettai Translation project really deserves some praise though, they took this little known series and caught up fairly quickly, and barring some issues here and there, they've managed to stay caught up-ish. Like other series with one group working on them, this has good consistency and the translation is pretty solid. You might say it's "Absolutely lovely".....I'll stop, I promise.

Status: Ongoing (Monthly)
Latest Chapter: 36
Latest Chapter (Japan): 46

A bit of a gap, but nothing too terrible. I know the group that works on this and they're fairly good image quality wise, and the translations are pretty solid too. They're working from volume scans it seems, so that's possibly why it's a bit behind --which honestly is way better than working like a fevered madman on magazine ones, lolol. I'd say kiss the sky with Birdmen if you're down for it. The last release was two months ago though, so that might be a little deterrent...

Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga inai
Status: Stalled(Scanslation)/ Ongoing (Japan)
Latest chapter: 14
Latest chapter (Japan): 57

Honestly I was sort of surprised to see this one getting worked on at all. Sadly it's at iceberg speed, as the last chapter was done in January, with the one before that in August of 2016. Even though it appears they're using volume scans, the last release was from the third volume, and Japan is up to 11, so it might just be that interest is low for this particular work. --On that note someone asked me to work on it way back so --hah, maybe it's my fault it's not being worked on more quickly? Nah, couldn't be. The scan quality is good --volume releases will do that, though the translation is a little clunky, but readable.

Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!
Status: Ongoing
Latest chapter: 27
Latest chapter (Japan): 69

Megumi's chugging along all right, --using volume scans and a ton of releases almost weekly. I can see this little group possibly catching up with Japan if they keep up the steady pace. The translations leave a bit to be desired, but I think they're fine. They could be a little less stiff, maybe. Anyway if you enjoyed  my coverage of Megumi, then by all means, go for it.

Joju Senin!! Mushibugyo
Status: Stalled(Scanslation)/Ongoing(Japan)
Latest chapter: 57
Latest chapter (Japan): 294

A little bit of trivia on this one --I used to translate it for a spell. If I hadn't gotten caught up with other things, I might still be translating it. Seems like it needs the help, as the last release was in November, and the release before that was a year before in December 2015. Maybe with RYOKO on hiatus, it might be something I consider, though I really feel more like working on any case, the quality is good because of volume scans, but the translation like many is a little clunky.

Major 2nd
Status: Ongoing
Latest chapter: 27
Latest chapter (Japan): 90

Slow going for this one. It's using volume scans, so I guess it makes sense, but that's still a rather huge gap. Also despite using volume scans, the quality is still only so-so. I'm not too familiar with baseball terminology, but it seems the translator of this is which is a plus since they provide notes. The last release was two weeks ago, so I wouldn't say it's stalled, but it's moving pretty slow if it hopes to catch up with at least the volume releases. Though if you like Major, it might be worth the wait.

Hiiragi-sama wa Jibun o Sagshite iru
Status: Ongoing
Latest chapter: 3
Latest chapter (Japan): 52

Ahh, this is getting to be a trend. Though in this case, the group literally just started scanstlating this about three weeks ago, and dropped three chapters at once. That being said, it would appear they're using volume scans, though like Major these are only so-so. The translation is also only so-so, being a little flat....I do feel like they could do with being a little loose with these. It seems to also be a trend with these scanslations being really stiff because they translate word-for-word, but that's a whole 'nother discussion though. I have no idea if they're release more, but at the very least you can start Hiiragi with this.

Tenshi to Akuto!!
Status: Stalled(Scanslation)/Ongoing(Japan)
Latest chapter: 12
Latest chapter (Japan): 111

This is basically stalled at 12 chapters, with the last release being in September 2016. It's a real shame as I've begun to like the series as I write about it on the blog. The scanslation is high quality (you guessed it, volume scans) and the translation is actually really good too, but I guess the group peetered out. At the very least one could read the first two volumes-ish and find out if it's for them, I guess.

Tokiwa Kitareri!!
Status: Stalled (Scanslation)/Ongoing (Japan)
Latest chapter: 33
Latest chapter (Japan): 112

Stalled, stalled, stalled. This is the story of WSS scanslations, huh...Psylocke scans did the last few translations/scanslations so the quality is quite high up there, but it appears no one picked up the torch after it was dropped way back in April 2016. 33 chapters from different teams is enough at least to figure out if you like it or not, so it's worth trying.

Saike matashitemo
Status Ongoing (Irregular: Japan).
Latest chapter: 47
Latest chapter (Japan): 76

I am such a benevolent and humble person aren't I? I put the series I translate at the bottom here, instead of the top like I really wanted to! (Obnoxious laughter). Anyway, I work on Saike, so I can tell you that the translation is sub par amazing. Psylocke scans is also run by a guy who knows his way around a scanslation and understands Japanese so you could argue that Saike was in really good hands, but he soon dropped the series leaving the poor time traveler without a home until mesdagar decided to give me a hand. I'm still looking for help to get the series back on track since mesdagar can only work on them once in a while, but 47 chapters is more than enough to get into Saike's vibe, and it's a great series that I unbaisedly recommend, so by all means!

Status: Stalled/Hiatus
Latest chapter: 1
Latest chapter (Japan): 22

I thought about not including RYOKO due to it's scanslations being stalled and the series being on indefinite hiatus, but I don't have much else to speak of for myself aside from Saike, so. I might have someone interested in working on the series, but the news that it's now shelved until Mitsuhashi's health improves is going to put a damper on that. Still, I'm only a chapter away from catching up with the series --TL wise, and hopefully it'll be back soon.

Even with a few series behind, and some outright stalled, I'm surprised at how much of the magazine is being worked on. I mean, only DameTerasu, Aozakura, Souboutei and Maiko-san chi no makanai-san have no real representation at all as far as I can see! Obviously Quadrable just started so it won't have gotten the treatment yet, but this is pretty good stats for a magazine that's so underrated. I'm seriously considering throwing in my hat with Souboutei, but that is no promise with all the things I've got going. At least, I hope this painstakingly complied list will give you an idea of what's out there in English (and why I choose to cover certain things over others). Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, lots more of the Sunday lineup is being scanlated than I thought! I definitely ought to catch up on some of those sometime. It's too bad Tenshi to Akuto is so far behind and stalled, since that's among the ones I'm most interested in reading. Oh well, I'll just keep holding out hope for it to get an anime one of these days.

  2. I'm doing some catching up here, maybe you should update this? Please?