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Weekly Shounen Sunday #33

It's that time of week where you ignore conventional knowledge and embrace your inner Sunday with me, your always grateful and only occasionally graceful host Sakaki! I've got the Shounen Sunday goods, and there's plenty to go around this week, so have a seat and lets begin our merry romp through possibly the loneliest shounen mag! Don't quote me on that.

Looking pretty in a kimono this week is Neru Nagahama from Keyakisaka 46. Rather than continuously flaunt my ignorance when it comes to idols, I'm going to move on and point out our a new serial --Shinobino by Rokuro Ohgaki, and the return of Mr. Shounen Sunday himself Detective Conan! See, I wasn't kidding when I said there's a lot to talk about!

It wouldn't be a Sunday without a TOC!

Shinobino by Rokurou Ohgaki(Lead Color pages/New series --44 pages)
Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama
Gin no Saji by Hiromu Arakawa
Aozakura Bouei Daigakkou Monogatari by Hikaru Nikaido
Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake! By Nekoguchi (Color)
Magi by Shinobu Ohtaka
Major 2nd by Mitsuya Takeda
Hoankan Evans no Uso ~Dead or Love~ by Midzuki Kuriyama
Jojuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo by Hiroshi Fukuda (Color)
Komi-san wa Komyushou desu by Tomohito Oda
Be Blues! By Motoyuki Tanaka
Maou-jou de Oyasumi by Kagiji Kumanomata
K.O.I King of Idol by Wakaki Tamaki
Kyoukai no RINNE by Rumiko Takahashi
Hatsukoi Zombie by Ryou Minenami
Dagashikashi by KOTOYAMA
Meteor Girl by Reach Ishiyama
Tenshi and Akuto!! by Aya Hirakawa
Maiko-san chi no Makanai-san by Aiko Koyama
Souboutei Kowasubeshi by Kazuhiro Fujita
Daiku no Hatou by Michiteru Kusaba
Tenshou no Quadrable by Takahiro Arai
Saike Matashitemo by Tsubasa Fukuchi
Hiiragi-sama wa jibun wo sagashiteru by Hiroyuki Nishimori
Youkai Giga by Satsuki Satou
Sunday Higaku Kenkyujo by Yuuji Yokoyama

And not present in this line up for the week are...

Zettai Karen Children (Till Summer)

They say the more things change the more they stay the same, and I'm tempted to agree. Tenshou and Daiku seem to be hit hard by the ranking system, both crashing pretty low and apparently staying there for the time being. Meanwhile Evans is still riding high and avoiding swinging low, And it's hard to tell where Meteor Girl will crash land. What's probably a little weird is Souboutei being so low for several weeks --though it did rise last week and Mushibugyo rising exponentially --though this is because of it's color page and (probably?) not because Japanese fans have suddenly found it interesting. Saike's settled back into his position toward the back which lends credence to my hypothesis that it's got a set position, and for the most part the top players such as Conan remain doing their thing. Tenshou and Daiku had better hope their first volumes sell really well or they could be the first on the chopping block, as Nishimori is a veteran so he won't go anywhere too soon, and Youkai Giga/Kenkyujo are permanent basement dwellers. In a sense, this means that the bottom of the list is actually Hiiragi, and ex-naying Saike means Tenshou is only one spot above the cancellation abyss. Good luck boys....

Obligatory postings of Miss Nagahama that were included with the mag. She's got a unique name as I've never heard of "Neru" being a given name before, but I'm also no expert in Japanese names or parenting or anything at all really. I guess what matters is that it's cute and so is she.

The setting is the Bakamatsu (1853-1867) where the "black ships" descend upon Japan. This isn't a historical blog so I'm not gonna go too deep into that mostly because I'm sure I'll embarrass myself if I do. Though I thought it appropriate to provide a little background for the newest Shounen Sunday Serial --Shinobi no! I'm actually not sure what the title is supposed to translate to be...literally it's like "Of the Shinobi" or "The Shinobi's..." But maybe we're not meant to know right now. In any case, Shougakukan is pushing the fact that the protagonist is the oldest in Shounen Sunday history. (Which I guess isn't including those who are youthful looking but actually much older?) I guess that is a distinction in a magazine that's almost exclusively cute teenage girls doing cute things though, and Ohgaki's art is pretty impressive so lets see what's cooking. 

As the text on the side reads, the setting is the harsh Bakamatsu (End of military government) era of Japanese history where days of peace were numbered. 

Already the striking simularities in Ohgaki's art and Naoki Urasawa's are apparent in the last panel on the right. The Elder chief of the Bakumatsu --Masahiro Abe calms his retainers down as the American ships open fire upon Japan. In response to what they should do about this threat, Abe responds "Gentlemen, do you believe in fairy tales"? 

Speaking of manga similarities, I recently started "Golden Kamuy" by Satoru Noda, and I'm not gonna lie, seeing our protag introduced bear-ing a heavy load really reminded me of that series, despite them running in two different magazines with two different publishers in two different demographics. In any case this old guy is having a tough time making ends meet --apparently the shop he sells bear pelts to doesn't take them anymore, and since he used a poison arrow to take it down, the owner wants nothing to do with it. The owner suggests he retire considering his advanced age, but it wouldn't be much of a series if he listened, would it? Ohgaki's art is also more "mature" in a sense than other shounen manga --look at how little text he uses to move the story along --this is often used in seinen manga as the audience is expected to be old enough to draw inferences on their own as opposed to shounen manga. 

This page was mostly linked due to the top panel and how Ohgaki does a wonderful job of instilling a sense of emptiness --loneliness without text, just a sense of panel work and foreshortening. The protagonist (who is still only known as "Pops" at the moment) saying "I'm home" to no one just drives the point home, but even if one cannot read Japanese, the intended effect of illustrating his solitude is well done with the art alone. 

Ah I spoke to soon! Seems Pops has a dog at the very least. Good ol' Kagemaru. However as much as the narrative and art would make you think things are quiet on the home front, the approach of a shadowy group changes things in a hurry. On the right page, one of them even comments that the killing intent emanating from the house makes it seem more like a battlefield than a home. It seems they're here to "visit" Pops, but not without knowing just what he's capable of. 

Holy storyboarding Batman! They come in and their intent to kill is clear from that left page, but it seems Pops has a leg up on them as he leaves a beary unlikely replacement for himself in the bed and allows himself a chuckle as he sets a smoke bomb trap for his would be assassins. 

Through some impressive effort, Pops is not only able to catch these assassins off guard, but fool them into thinking they're surrounded by an entire squad of elite ninjas using the smoke ball's contents which contain a strong hallucinogen. Pops isn't just some doddering old man, but a full out shinobi!  

While I am a fan of Ohgaki's expressions and sense of distance/storyboarding, the action scenes in this work could use a little polish. Despite that, Pops looks really cool as he seemingly toys with these officials sent by the Bakufu to apprehend him for reasons still unknown. "Ohohoho! So Edo's government wants to test this old fart? Sounds fun!" Pops has lots of confidence, that's for sure. 

Pops is also down with fighting dirty in these pages, as he tells the last guard that he'll fight bear (pun fully intended) handed, but then produces a throwing star at the last second. That right page filled with lines that almost seem like they're moving illustrates Pops' point that fighting dirty and the such are meaningless, however before he can put this poor youngster out of his misery...

One of Abe's retainers, who had sent the assassins to test Pop's skills. It's here that we find out his name is Jinzaburou Sawamura, and this jovial guy seems to be the a daimiyo of Ise, Takayuki. It seems that Abe wants Pops (that's just easier to write.) to undergo a super secret mission for the Bakufu, though we're not explicitly told what exactly this mission is. Pops seems elated (not pictured) to take on this mission that will ensure that he's not left behind by the times.

Ah, and it's here that we're told what Pops's mission is --to infiltrate the black ships that are attacking Japan. Meanwhile Pops is just overwhelmed in the bottom panel at the size of this ship. Though he might be the last shinobi left behind by the times, it seems a new era is on the move! Shinobi no is off to an exciting start, and I look forward to bringing you more in future installments! 

Mr. Shounen Sunday returns with three more installments until his 1,000th, and while I usually don't talk much about the series, Haibara actually emoting is the most precious thing. Seems she lost her cellphone strap, and is going to pieces over it. 

Poor thing, she really love that strap --apparently the only like it in the whole world. 

The Detective Boys set out to find it along with the help of Amuro, but a shadowy figure watches them and the side text promises sudden developments next issue. I guess a murder might be afoot, but perhaps I might be wrong? We'll find out in issue #34! 

Silver Spoon hits us up with it's second chapter after it's return! Hachiken decides to call his new girlfriend up to discuss christmas plans, but before he can, Ohgawa calls him first, and while I'm not entirely sure who that is, it's clear Hachiken knows and isn't fond of this fellow as pictured on the page on the right. 

Some of the terminology goes over my head here, but I'll do my best. Ohgawa intends to enrol in the Ohezo animal husbandry college which Hachiken spittakes at --but it makes sense if he wants to get the qualifications for a food hygienic supervisor. Unfortunately he's missed the window to take the exam, but it seems Hachiken has already taken it at the behest of his brother who couldn't due to his wife being pregnant, and his desire to not get her sick with colds and the like since they're going around. (So in short he's skipping out on the responsibility.) Oogawa figures this is his in to have a study buddy, much to Hachiken's chagrin. 

Admittedly I only linked these pages because I love Arakawa's exaggerated expressions. (It's an expressive Sunday this week, huh?) Mikage awaits Hachiken's call --as he hasn't contacted her after his part time job like he promised, and when he does he wants to talk about "them" and meet her privately later. I wasn't able to include the page, but she immediately assumes they're breaking up, which Hachiken immediately denies, hah. He'll need time to study for the upcoming test so his free time will be severely limited, which she doesn't mind. On the next page there, Hachiken tells the others that he'll be taking the exam and they immediately assume he's giving up on them, but he is quick to say he's not going to be an animal doctor but a husbandry scientist, which gets him back on their good side. 

Speaking of couples, it seems Manami Sakae and Noburo Maruyama are now an item. Though being in a relationship is opening oneself to a host of new issues such as explaining one's home situation to their parents, which Hachiken hadn't yet considered. How will he explain his current situation to his folks? We'll find out next time, hopefully!

Back after a little hiatus is Megumi-chan with a color page to commemorate her 7th volume out on the 18th, and a special "Summer Heroine" thingy that Shogakukan is having. It seems like it's pretty much a crossover art kind of thing. 

Megumi seems to get her looks (and bod) from her momma. (who could reasonably pass for her sister, geez.) Everyone's gathered together for a ski trip, and while the adults are ready to booze it up, the kids are left to their own devices. 

Ma-kun really just wants to do a bit of reading, but he gets roped into antics with Megumi and her cousin before falling asleep himself, all while forgetting that he is in the girls room since the adult folk are drinking on the men's side, which means --you guessed it awkward situation hoooo!

With an Araki-esque expression on the left, Ma-kun's mind begins to wander. I think what I enjoy most about this series is that Ma-kun is neither a horny lecher or the chaste protagonist, he's just..normal. He can converse with Megumi just fine, but when put in a situation like this, his mind runs wild, and I dare for anyone to say they wouldn't when with an attractive friend. Why he's even genre aware in the bottom panel on left when he quickly thinks to himself if he's found there will certainly be a misunderstanding. Ma-kun intends to make a break for it, but Megumi breathes on his ear and he gets a wiff of her shampoo making him weak in the knees (and everywhere else.) 

Megumi's close to a wardrobe malfunction which Ma-kun tries to correct --but a family member walks in at this most inopportune moment. Luckily she's pretty drunk and figures they're sleeping but unfortunately for Ma-kun his hand is in a rather unfortunate place when Megumi wakes up. He was only trying to cover you up, Megumi-chan! Sadly he receives a slap for his trouble, and even after 40 minutes of explaining himself she barely believes him. Apparently this'll continue next week, but it's to be seen if I'll talk about it. 

We leave Japan for the Wild, wild west for Evans the lawman who's oddly absent for these first two pages. Pheebs has come to turn Shirley who she caught stealing, but Evans is out at the moment. Shirley suggests Pheebs let her go as there's no bounty on her head and therefore nothing she gets out of this, but Pheebs says they can wait until he gets back --for simultaneously obvious and not so obvious reasons. 

Evans happens to see the two go in, and from their voices can tell who they are, but rather than head in immediately and find out what they're here for, he figures this is as good a chance as any to find out what women really want and listen in on their conversation in hopes that he can be what they ask for. Shirley wonders aloud if Evans likes her since they seem to run into each other often, and if Pheebs' expression doesn't make it clear, she's wondering the same thing --despite saying it isn't a big deal. Shirley proposes they test this when Evans returns --after all it's hard to look the person you like in the eye if you're sitting with them so whomever Evans can't look at is probably the lady he fancies. 

Evans plans to foil Shirley's plan by sitting right in front of her, however as seen in the top left panel, the only chair available is the one on the other side, leaving the poor man to curse his rotten luck. Unfortunately when he returns to the room, Pheebs is sitting in the chair adjacent to him now, which means...he just can't win either way can he? So Evans does what any sane man would do --feigns anger and kicks the chair away while deriding Shirley for following him around when he's told her to stay out of trouble. 

In the end he's able to put her away, and complain to himself about how his luck is bad (for various reasons), but Pheebs retorts that it's not all a bad thing as she's unable to look at him. D' week seems to be about the characters attending a mixer which is bound to be oodles of fun. 

It's been a while since Jinbee and the gang have been in color, but for the 30th volume releasing on the 18th, it's just the right occasion for it! At this point, Mushibugyo is only getting obligatory color pages for new volume releases, but that's all dandy since it should be on it's way out soon enough. In any case I really love Fukuda's sense of color design here, and the choice to use an image of more peaceful times is nice since the series has been all about strife lately. 

Mushibugyo who's been hinted to have feelings for Jinbee from waaaay back when she was first introduced comes to the realization that Jinbee could very well head into battle this time and not return, so she grabs hold of him before Hibachi who laments being beaten to the punch. 

Jinbee being the guy he is apologizes for worrying her due to his weakness, while promising this time to do what it takes to win. I really like on the left page that we see things from his point of view with Mushibugyo holding onto his clothes with her arms outstretched. It's a fun little camera trick not seen in manga very much. Matusnohara (black and somewhat ridiculous looking hair --I'm not at all sure why it bothers me so much considering this series, but it does.) asks Mushibugyo let him go because they don't intend to lose this battle. 

Everyone pledges their thoughts in these pages leaving Hibachi for last --she's got a lot she wants to say to Jinbee, but settles on telling him everything on her mind once he returns, something she makes him promise to do. Mushibugyo thinks to herself that she wouldn't want to go on living if he weren't in her life on the bottom right panel --makes me wonder if/when she's just not gonna admit she has feelings for him. 

Jinbee unintentially makes it easy for her to collect her turbulent thoughts --"Give me an order and I will fulfill it without fail!" Mushibugyo on the left page replies "Return to Edo so that we can both gaze upon the azure skies of the city with everyone!" Jinbee makes his promise and he and the other warriors are off, but when they arrive to what will be the final battlefield, they see something that stops them in their tracks....but what is it? Next time...!!

Been a while since I covered Be Blues, and I almost skipped it this week too, but manly posing just drew me in.  In a magazine with girls being girls, it's fun to just have a chapter of guys being guys. The soccer club has come together to show how beefy they are, and talk about their college endeavors, though that's not all...apparently one of them has managed to score a girlfriend as pictured on right, and she is a cutie. It's funny how quickly they become like girls though --asking if the lucky couple has kissed yet. I guess no matter the gender, shipping is just a lot of fun. 

Another member of the club comes in saying he's been accepted to the college of his choice and the guys quickly change from hassling another of their friends to celebrating another's success. This is the life of the third years as they grow up and continue on with their lives beyond the stadium. 

Before they head out to their possibly last(?) practice, one guy thanks the club itself for looking after him. I really like shounen series, but lament that due to their target demographic there always has to be something happening leaving very little opportunity for downtime like this chapter. Nothing really happened, but plenty did, and I really wish we got more of this in the demographic. 

Another series returns after a brief nap --the adventures of our sleepy princess in Maoujo's 61st installment, where the Demon king demands that she hand over a pet she's apparently been keeping, and while she's normally the rebellious sort when she's not asleep, the Princess would love to comply with orders but her pet has become so big that moving it anywhere has become a bit of an issue, as one can see on the right page. 

Unfortunately for her, things only get more dicey (icy) when the giant seal so that's what it is? Ends up ravaging the demon king's castle, and the princess has no choice but to go in and deal with it herself, disguised as an ice soldier. Where the other monsters think the ice soldier is here to put the monster down, she's actually just here to befriend it. Even their intense stares hide a secret longing to be with each other as seen on the right page on the bottom. 

The princess manages to get her seal buddy to an ice area where it can be safe and they can have a nice long nap together --though since the other monsters think she's a ice soldier which is a job she doesn't really want, she quickly offers the position to her pet, heh. You gotta take responsibility for your pets until the very end, your highness! 

Dagashikashi begins with secret conversations in the middle of the night...Koko's dad and Hajime are talking about making a Utopia...but what could this mean? 

It seems this conversation is a continuation of one had in chapter 109 (which I'm not sure if I covered on this blog, considering it's not been a year yet and this is chapter 150, I'm thinking I didn't.) which Koko seems tired of despite only now showing up. His dad is determined to make a Utopia, and decides the best way to achieve his goal is to make a movie explaining his motives and have Hajime as the star. Although Hajime herself isn't all that confident in her looks or acting ability, Koko is surprisingly supportive of this idea --where she is their spokesperson who reviews snacks, so it seems the idea is greenlit! 

I can almost envision this whole sequence of events animated as KOTOYAMA takes a page from Oda (not that one)'s playbook by going for a storyboard type feel. Except he manages to one-up Oda at his own game by having small bits of character "movement" such as Hajime reaching out to the camera for a snack to display, and having movement in the background of the second-right page with Koko and his Dad being idiots. The top left panel also comes off as appropriately shy with the small lines indicating fidgeting, and the space bending in the room making Hajime seem small and nervous. The actual text is an advertisement for "Long Gum" done very nervously (dang it Hajime, stop being so cute.) It's a shame the anime probably isn't coming back, because this is almost ready for the in-between artists to work on! 

Although they're all not sure if the commericial is any good, it seems Hotaru liked it, so I guess a happy ending? Could this be the beginning of internet stardom for Hajime? Only time will tell. 

Next up is the series I can't put down --Meteor Girl! Ishiyama starts things off quietly with a girl who looks strikingly like Tetto's dead friend watching the school...

A meteor girl falls behind her and then she prepares to do a thing to it, but what exactly? 

Meanwhile Tetto wonders what happened to Ryoko after everything that had happened, and wonders if she'll contact him at all. To his surprise she does, and she wants to apologize and thank him for all he did, and Tetto...yeah. Bro, you're in high school, so I seriously doubt she intends to thank you in that way. Though at least in the final panel he seems to come to that realization too. 

Hane on the other hand really wants to meet with Ryoko despite being thoroughly disinterested in her a few chapters ago. Tetto intends to keep this "date" between the two of them, and decides not to tell Hane anything. If he can keep Hane from nosing in his business, then it should be easy enough to score some time alone right? It's not like anyone else is interested in what's going on with them...

We then cut to a girl running and apparently getting into an accident. 

And then things take a turn for the macabre when the girl gets up from the accident and keeps running as if nothing happened despite her not having a very good head on her shoulders. She says to herself that she "can't miss lunch". Another berserk MG has appeared on the scene as well as a girl who looks like Tetto's dead friend Chihiro. Not much actually happened this chapter, but the next one seems promising enough for me to check out, so once again the Meteor rises. 

Tenshi and Akuto is here with it's 124th performance where Akuto's struggles with Subaru have bore fruit, as she's managed to energize the entire cast with her stellar performance. Even though Akuto still has an arrogant way of speaking, his backhanded way of saying he depends on her and was right to trust her is kind of sweet. As indicated in the right page, time flows on by toward the end of the year, and it's January before long meaning that Sweets Girl will air in a mere three months. (So it's a spring cour show huh? Interesting.) 

To drum up interest for the upcoming show, the voice actors are asked to come together to promote the show at a live event. The ladies are all pleased to participate, but Akuto is less than thrilled that a script was written for him specifically because he tends to say the wrong things at the wrong times when left unsupervised. They're also asked to sing the theme song for the series which proves to be a daunting task for Asuha (right page upper right panel), but Akuto has an idea to help her out with that...

It's best not to ask why he even has that. Asuha has a major crush on Akuto so she's willing to put up with it despite Shikimi calling him out on being a louse. Regardless of this the promotions for the show continue on the internet and in real life where the voice over artists are asked to dress up as their characters and go on stage. Shikmi is less than thrilled about this (though that dress does look good on her).

Even Akuto gets in on the action, though Subaru doesn't realize she's supposed to be in costume and come in in fairly ordinary wear. In the end they decide to take it normally (for Akuto's sake) and take a picture for the show that will promote it's April premiere. Not pictured, but Akuto goes off script anyway and introduces himself to the "ignorant masses". 

However he does promise them an anime they've never seen before, and is confident that sweets girl will be a show not to miss. With only three months to the premiere, the anime is almost done it's production phase! What lies in store for the gang until then? I'm sure there will be plenty to expect so stay tuned!

Souboutei is the next location for this writeup and when we last left the house wrecking crew, they had managed to blow up the house with nitrogen, but like hell itself, it just won't die! Kurenai awakens to find herself in the presence of something white and silky, and is apparently alone until the white silky thing recedes and the others are revealed to be alive and well-ish. 

This seems to be the doing of a person, however when Kurenai tries to get more info, they run away! She manages to catch up with them and after a little struggle she unmasks their savior. What's interesting here is that she says "Show yourself" weirdly here. I guess if I were to translate it directly, it'd be like "Geez, I can't see your face!" Which seems okay-ish, if not a bit direct, but the note on the side indicates it's supposed to be read "Show yourself!" Not sure why Fujita felt the need to toss in a note when it's technically readable, but I thought it was worth pointing out. In any case, their savior is a woman with long white hair. 

Kurenai introduces herself, and the lady does so after a dual page acrobatic feat....she's Kaerikuro, which literally means "Return to Black". Hrmmm.  

Meanwhile the prime minister who was in attendance of the Souboutei's burning is forced to make some kind of statement about what's going on here, not surprisingly because people have questions now that this spectacle has gone viral. Meanwhile Kaerikuro gives Kurenai a flare gun and explains how she can get everyone help after their exploits in the house have left them tired. She then explains that she's part of a sect that receives it's edicts from divine possession...and that she is a Miko or priestess. She then gives Kurenai the bad news that Rokuro seems to have entered the house.

Kurenai is understandably shaken by this news, even as Kaerikuro explains he's like her --with a strong will. Despite this, Kurenai wants to save her little brother and begs the priestess to take her to him, despite the helicopter appearing to airlift them all to safety. 

Meanwhile Seiichi is fighting against members of the same(?) cult as Kaerikuro, and for the first time in the series is on the losing end of things, reverting to a feral state as seen on the final page of the chapter. They believe he is a demon and have come to exorcise him, but other than that it's unclear what side they're on if they're on a side at all. One can see from Seiichi's appearance that he's in trouble if this fight drags on, however....

Saike once again for his 84th installment! During his date with Ana, Saike has apparently found another oracle user who can make something akin to a balloon appear on his head. Saike's expression on the right page is oddly un-Fukuchi-like which makes it funnier to me for some reason. In any case, he tries to explain his findings to Ana, however...

She writes the ability off as mostly harmless (though Saike points out that he saw how useful it could be just moments earlier), so they needn't worry. I didn't mention it last chapter since I wasn't sure how relevant it would be, but now it's very relevant so here goes; Ana is at the store to score a limited edition "Bakumatsu-san" (a clear take on the popular anime "Osomatsu-san") set of "older" and "younger" brother t-shirts that many other fangirls of the series have their eyes on. Only 10 of these shirts have been made, so the competition is fierce! The producers of the shirt decide to make this a competition where only those who find special coupons hidden around the store will be sold a shirt. Two girls talk about how everyone's prepared to die for this shirt, while poor Saike's like "I'm just here to buy things, though?!" 

And on the onset of the contest, Saike accurately describes it as "A scene out of hell". Fangirls are to be feared, m'boy. Best to remember this. On that note, the brother with the balloon powers over before he can do anything. Maybe Ana was right and it is a useless ability...

That doesn't deter him, and he advises his brother Otsujirou to watch "this legendary moment" which seems to be a catch phrase of his. Meanwhile Ana is in hot pursuit of the coupons, and is willing to use her powers to get them when she thinks back to what she said to Saike last week and realizes she'd be no better than Johann if she used her abilities to gain something she could easily get for herself, so she abstains. 

For all of three pages. In the end when she's faced with direct competition with the older bother she quickly resorts to using her ability right away. Oh Ana, what are we to do with you? 

The older brother won't give in so easily and uses his balloon oracle to propel himself forward....into a wall. I think Ana's expression on the final page says more than any translation I could come up with would so I'll direct my attention to the side text there that says next issue will contain new developments. Honestly speaking Saike needed since the last three parts were nonstop action or tragedy, but I can't wait to see what Fukuchi's got in store for this part since we still don't know very much about the brothers, and this arc is specifically named for them. 

This week's Youkai Giga is about the "Satori"a being that can read minds and can be found in mountains where they'll read everything one thinks and say them out loud faster than they can, which is what occurs initially in this chapter to a poor man wandering around the forest --he suddenly hears a woman speaking his thoughts aloud before he can even form them in his mind which has to be terrifying! 

The man finds the Satori, and reveals he actually came into the forest for the express purpose of meeting her. The woman is able to read his mind of course and while she is put off by his genuine curiosity towards her, his thoughts of how beautiful she is put her at some ease. She begins to trust him --that he may be the rare breed of human who's actually pretty decent until she slips upon him and he sees a little bit of skin...

Satou rendering his fantasies in Edo style art just makes this more hilarious. Unfortunately the poor guy doesn't see his end coming as he forgets at that second she can read minds, and his is full of rather impure thoughts, as such he meets his messy end without realizing it. As the side text says, men really are idiots, aren't they? 

And that's it for this week's Sunday! Next week  Miname Hamabe graces the cover of the issue, and Komi grabs a lead color page to celebrate it's fifth volume, with RINNE receiving a color page for it's 37th volume. We'll also see three oneshots --Senobi no Arisa-chan (Arisa-chan on tiptoe) by Atsumi Takeru, 150kg no Kanojo (150kg Girlfriend) by Koharu Inoue, and Ami-chan wa Warawanai (Ami-chan doesn't laugh) by Fumitaka Torisu. This just means I've got plenty to cover next week, but my pain is your gain! I hope to see you back here next week, same channel, same time, same place! Till next week, take care!

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