Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Weekly Shounen Sunday #16

Here with a slightly earlier (and snowbound) edition of Sundays on Tuesdays is yer boi Sakaki! This time around I have issue #16 in full so we can let the talk backking happen. If you haven't already, I'd recommend checking out the issue 16 preview here as it covers some elements of the issue that I managed to find earlier --which means I can focus on stuff that wasn't availble when I wrote that up a few days ago. I'll give you all a few minutes to get acquainted....*checks watch* Ready? Okay, let's go on to #16 in full!

For posterity's sake I'll post the cover page here. Same thing as the preview, just a little nicer looking, maybe.

The TOC! With Both Takahashi and Aoyama sitting this issue out, it seems like the reign of the new generation has come. RYOKO is riding high which fills me with that emotion opposite despair, and our buddy Saike returns with a center color page and the beginning of part 9. Komi is on the front of the magazine which means she's on the top of the TOC, and Souboutei is super high too. Essentially it's a pretty normal TOC other than Be Blues being kind of low, and DameTerasu continuing to freefall, sadly.

Komi in Kolor??? Though I feel like there should have been a second half to this page....there doesn't seem to be though. Either way it's really nicely done and like Komi herself, quite cute!

And an introduction to the kolorful kast of Komi! It's clear WSS wants this to be the series readers focus on when reading, so they're pushing it hard. Not that this is completely without merit as it's selling quite well for them. Out of all the "quirky girls being cute short format manga" in the magazine (and there's quite a few of them) Komi seems to be second only to Hotaru of Dagashikashi which considering it's only now a year old (Komi) that's quite a feat.

More behind the scenes action regarding the Inuyasha stage play. Seems to really be coming together well, if I do say so myself. Maybe it's testing the waters for a possible live action movie?? Considering how many Jump has gotten recently, it might not be a bad idea for Sunday to jump on the wave. 

Conan's still in heavy pimp mode even when it's manga isn't in the magazine. Here they're offering lots of goodies to people who read shoujo magazines printed by Shogakukan. It's an interesting strategy as most of the vocal Conan fans probably would be into shoujo manga, and they're offering storyboards and clear flies to people who purchase the magazines.

Also a pretty handy collection of the movie songs will be released March 22nd. What's interesting here is that the blurb boldly states that this is a "complete memorial album that overcomes record labels!" Which is true since recently there have been some songs from Sony Music used on Conan which is subsidized (normally) by Being/Giza. The fact that they're stating this must mean it had to be some work to get this compilation together. 

Not to be outdone by Gon (from Hunter X Hunter) being available in Monster Hunter, Conan's culprit shadow-dude makes a killing in the game and will be available April 19th. I gotta admit while they look sorta silly, it's a pretty decent collabo idea.

It's not specifically stated that this was drawn by Hirakawa herself, but I think it's safe to assume it was. She was present for Murase's recording of Akuto's lines for the upcoming "motion comic" adaption of Tenshi to Akuto. What's great is Hirakawa thinking he was a woman based on his voice, but finding he's a man. She also says that he really got into the role, which is good to hear. The next short comic with Nari's VA (Ayane Sakura) --the heroine of the manga will  be in issue #20 out in April.

Now to Komi-san who's class was preparing for the culture festival when we last saw them the previous week.

Komi wants to help everyone out but due to not being able to speak up, and people automatically treating her like a queen, she's told to sit in the "God" throne while everyone busies themselves with preparations. Oda (not that one) also shows his penchant with name puns with Otori-san (Right page 2nd panel) who is "Ottori" (Quiet/meek). 

Otori asks Komi to buy supplies with her, but while Komi's flesh is willing to help, her spirit weakens at the prospect of being told to go shopping with classmates she's never hung out with before. Ah the poor thing.

Another name pun comes up when Onemine (which sounds like "Oneesan") offers to go too since she and Komi are better acquainted, but this turns into a problem of it's own when everyone wants to go with her now.

Otori is a bit of an airhead though and immediately gets lost when they make it to the store. Onemine figured that the two of them going together would have been a disaster, and quickly takes charge leaving the two (Komi and Otori alone for a bit.) Komi asks Otori (via writing) why she invited her along, to which Otori responds she doesn't really know, lol. She just saw how friendly Tadano and Komi were and wanted in on that. Not gonna lie, the airheaded trope is right up my alley, and Otori is hitting all the right knows.

I like that Otori is just so guilelessly herself. It's hard to follow her pace, but due to that one has no choice but to sort of go along with it and lower their guard, as seen here when she tells Komi to do her best in the culture festival, Komi responds --not on paper, but verbally. Not bad for someone who gets lost in a market almost immediately, huh?

Next up is Souboutei where we surprisingly get the backstory of the sisters who got gobbled up by the house last week. I just managed to watch some of the recent Ushio to Tora anime, and this story is somewhat similar to story lines we'd see in that.

The three girls are known as "The children of monsters" due to their ability to use spiritual power, and have to go through a strict training regimen from an unloving master. On the right page, we can see them trying to practice smiling because they're so unfamiliar with the concept of being happy.


Now the story takes a true horror manga turn --and I'm not just talking about the art. So on the left page is their mother who appeared in front of the Souboutei disheveled. She had the three girls and then died right after that but there was never any father who came for them. If she never had a man and no man claimed them their father the house itself??

Yup, we are watching a house give birth in real time. Fujita, congratulations. I think you've actually managed to top anything I've ever seen in any shounen manga I've ever read. Hell, in any manga I've ever read period. 

And here is the house as a misshapen ugly creature gloating..."You thought to destroy me? That is ridiculous. You are my cannot touch me." 

The chapter ends with Takoha and Kurenai appearing on the scene, with Takoha (who I'm growing more and more fond of by the chapter) saying that he'll make sure that he gives them something to be happy and laugh about for sure. Can't wait for next week!

Next up is Dagashikashi! Hajime was sent on a delivery errand, but loses her way because the path she was supposed to take gets filled with snow so she can't tell what direction she's supposed to go home on. What's interesting is this week's chapter is named "Snickers" --not that I'm laughing at Hajime, but the candy.

I've seen product placement in manga, but never quite like this! Hajime doesn't seem familiar with it, saying that it "doesn't even look like a snack." However it's all they have to survive on for now so it'll have to do...

A shame they're like a few minutes away from home so survival wasn't necessary to begin with. The scenery is pretty nice though!

Returning after a while is Megumi with a sort of appropriate off season holiday chapter episode. (As I write this, the snow is pouring outside.)

The girls sports club teams decide to get together and make merry while cosplaying in cute santa outfits. What's not to love? Though I do find it great that this series embraces the trope of the one female club member who ogles the ladies just as much (if not moreso) than the guys would/do.

The girls tackle different tunes from Rock to Enka, to Anime music. I just like the differing character designs for everyone. They stand out and are all equally as cute as one another. 

Megumi is worried that Ma-kun might be out cavorting with another girl, since she doesn't have her eye on him, but her friend Misawa offers a bit of solace that they'll be fine. To her surprise, Ma-kun isn't on a date but working part time for the holidays.

Megumi figures she'll give him a hand, but her skirt rides up under her dress giving quite the peek to Ma-kun. The author himself said he studied the properties of skirts in coats, (while also calling himself a pervert so at least he's self aware.) Though this ending sums up Megumi well --cuteness with a bit of lewdness. 

Next up is Major where Goro is playing ball even when he's got time off.

Dad and Daughter are playing baseball outside while Daigo tries to study, and while Goro would love to have his boy join in, Daigo is still beating himself up about what happened to Hikaru on the playing field, despite everyone's efforts to try to convince him otherwise.

Daigo says he won't play baseball ever again, to which Goro asks him "Even if your friend forgives you for what happened?" Turns out Dad was able to pull some strings and arrange a meeting with Hikaru. The blurb on the last page says the next one is an issue not to miss, and I'm of the same opinion.

Aozakura hits next with some underwater training and scenery porn all in one very nice package.

I really liked this chapter on several levels, first for Nikado's art, second for the really good pacing --it was one chapter of training, but not in the sense of getting better but for instilling confidence, and last for a pretty believable interaction between a guy and a girl. Romance doesn't have to feel like a thing that's thrown in to titillate --hell it doesn't need to be a thing at all. Sometimes I feel like it's put in a story in lieu of actual character development which is why I abhor most of the genre so much and put a higher value on friendship. 

Saike returns with the 9th part of the series --and the 73rd chapter overall. Mikan in pink is on the color page, and I can't wait to see the version Fukuchi uploads without the advertisement text. (He usually does so while detailing how he drew the color page step by step.)

Nice to see Fukuchi's taste in perspective and scale hasn't slipped through his fingers while he was taking a brief vacay. Look at that bottom panel as the boy who slipped from the bridge and now swings precariously from Ana's tape gets a view of the bottom.

We seem to have another viewpoint in the world of Saike in the making with this boy who says he's completely defenseless to the bullies that harass him day in day out. This is exactly what I wanted out of the series --a viewpoint that isn't Saike or his friends'. 

I'll probably go more into this during the "Saike on the rewind" entries....someday. But look how Mikan's character design has evolved! She's somehow managed to get cuter which is no small feat!

And now a bit more worldbuilding. Mikan mentions a mysterious group known as "M" (For Mokugeksha or "Witness") who have been behind all sorts of supernatural happenings that have become big on the internet.  Saike internally writes her off as being too into the occult, but he recalls a conversation he had with the healing god before leaving Nepal that implies that the amount of ability users around the world has suddenly spiked for some reason. Suddenly to Saike these net rumors don't seem so far-fetched...

There's even a callback to chapter one (I didn't upload the page here though.) about someone walking on water. What's most interesting here however is Mikan admitting that these rumors of people with mysterious powers hiding among them frightens her. Saike's reaction is really interesting --is he afraid of her finding out his secret and fearing him as a result? It's sort of what Johann was implying too through his rants in the last series...but neither he or we the audience have really thought about it, and I do hope Fukuchi does something with this.

Next up is Tenshi and Akuto where Shikimi and Akuto do battle...with their voice acting. We've seen them circling one another and playing cats paws in the sense of showing the other who's more superior, but now it seems it's time for head-to-head battle. 

Shikimi thought she gave an award winning performance, but the director isn't a fan. Seems like she's already at a disadvantage...!

I swear to anyone reading this, they'd think that this is a magical girl manga but with magical girls acting akin to stands in Jojo, but no it's a voice acting manga. I promise you.

Akuto's reading of his line here is so good that even Shikimi who detests him gets swept up in the moment and can only read her line with an equal amount of zeal.

Akuto is still an a-hole though. He straight up says that he knows Shikimi is trying to usurp him, and admits that he doesn't even dislike her ambition, but he is the lead role around here and he ensures that she sure won't forget it. Meanwhile Shikimi reveals her inner Saku--er, Shikimi to everyone which is apparently quite surprising to the staff. "She was that sorta person?!" The rivalry between them is only heating up!

And now Takeru Atsumi's one shot (being the second of WSS's self proclaimed "Spring Rookie festival) Baka to Tensai. (Idiot and Genius.) 

The oneshot begins with the two leads, Tenbu, and Ooba (Name pun time, as "Tenbu" starts with the Kanji for "Tensai" or "Genius" while "Ooba" sounds like the start of "Oobaka" or "Really stupid." I guess you can tell who is who here.). Tenbu is a smart dude that everyone hates due to him seeming perfect, while Ooba is an idiot that everyone loves because she has so much personality.

So it makes sense that Tenbu would tutor Ooba who has a tough time studying. 

A stray baseball flies through the window and Tenbu seems pretty unphased, wondering how baseball players could possibly deal with playing in the heat and being so loud. Ooba says she likes that they try their best to do something they enjoy. Which seems to leave an impression on Tenbu...

The two leave school together and come in with each other, but are seemingly only best friends, but then on one Sunday...(not this magazine.) Tenbu is out to go buy a kitchen knife for his house when..

Tenbu sees a thing he wishes he hadn't.

Lol the Saleslady is sort of afraid to sell Tenbu a knife with the face he's making --but yeah, after that day, Tenbu seemingly distances himself from Ooba.

Even to the point that he leaves her in the library to study on her own --but then another errant Baseball comes flying and it all makes sense to Ooba.

Ooba: You dummy! That was my brother! Yup, it's that sorta thing, lol. Still Ooba cheers Tenbu on despite his overwhelming "stupidity" as she calls it.

And now the reversal. Tenba is the idiot who despite being as smart as he is didn't notice Ooba's feelings for him, (it's sort of vague if she means romantic or not though.) And Ooba's the genius that taught Tenba how to make friends and have a little fun --and in the end the two once again study together. Like Aikawa's oneshot last week, this does a whole lot in a short amount of time. (Only 24 pages!) While I wouldn't think this would make a good series --simply because it wraps up so neatly, not because Atsumi isn't a good writer, I would love to see his talents put to a weekly serial. 

Next up is chapter 20 of RYOKO with an awesome dual page spread. Not much happens this week other than this however, but Reirei, Ryoko and Zen get a big closer as Ryoko states her desire to protect the dinner table through her hunts. It was a nice bridge chapter into what promises to be a more action packed hunt next week so while there isn't much to say, I did enjoy it.

Mushibugyo was in utterly ridiculous-but-very-cool mode this week with a two vs one battle. I'm actually really surprised the series is hanging in there as it feels like it's been in ending mode for a while. Actually, the main character --Jinbee Tsukishima hasn't even appeared in the last few weeks, and it would appear Mugai and his bro are taking on the arc villain? 

Speaking of the arc villain, his expressions were delightful this week. Even as he fakes defeat in the last page of the chapter. I wonder what surprises he'll have in store next week...

And wow, I didn't think I'd say this but we're at the end of coverage this week! The preview post already took care of the end of issue advertisement, along with news on Hayate and Denpa's upcoming final chapters, so I'd really recommend taking a peek at that for info on those things and the Takahashi oneshots appearing two issues in a row starting next week. Just in case you don't feel like scrolling up, you can read Issue 16's preview here. This format is definitely one I think I'll continue, and I have some ideas for some posts I might do later this week, so please stay tuned! Until the next Sunday on Tuesday, be well and be healthy! 


  1. Komi has an irresistibly adorable character design, so it's not hard to see why she's possibly the most iconic female character in the lineup now besides Hotaru.

    With how good that actor looks, I would be fully on board if they decide to make a live-action InuYasha film. With how many Jump properties have been getting films, why not try it out with Sunday stuff. It's not like they haven't done some of their stuff in live-action before, since I know both Ranma and Conan have had live-action specials in the past.

    The shadowman being in Monster Hunter looks hilarious. Strange choice, but welcome and amusing.

    Oda (not that one)'s art and sequential storytelling in Komi is so good that I can fully appreciate the chapter and get what's going on even though I can't read it.

    Glad to hear you've started watching Ushio & Tora! But wow, that reveal is crazy. What exactly is the house if it's alive, can reproduce, and can transform into that monstrous form? Is it more supernatural or alien? So many mysteries...

    It's hilarious that Dagashi Kashi devoted a chapter to Snickers of all things. Some product placement indeed. Though, Hajime not knowing what it is makes me wonder if Snickers is relatively unknown in Japan? Either way, the twist at the end is hilarious.

    Looks like Major 2nd is going to have an emotional chapter next week. Reading about Major on this blog keeps bolstering my desire to read it myself.

    That Mikan color page is super cute and the perspective in that page of the boy viewing the bottom of the street is super good. Saike's reaction to Mikan's fear of people with powers is an interesting development considering how important she is to him. He'll no doubt go out of his way to hide that he has powers from her, but perhaps this is foreshadowing that something might let the secret slip and strain their relationship soon.

    The expressions in Tenchi to Akuto continue to be awesome. I like the dynamic and rivalry set up between Akuto and Shikimi. Wouldn't it be something if someone actually made a series where people summoned Magical Girls as Stand-like avatars of themselves? I'd read that for sure.

    I love the perspective and foreshortening on the page where Ryoko is slashing that monster through the wall. And yeah, that villain in Mushibugyo has one creepy grin. With six new series on the way, maybe Mushibugyo will wrapping up in the next couple of weeks too.

    Another fun issue! All the chapters you highlighted sounded really good, but I especially liked reading about Komi, Souboutei, and Tenshi to Akuto. Those three alongside Major and Ryoko are quickly becoming the Sunday series I most really want to start reading one of these days. Until I do/can, I look forward to keep reading about the goings-on of them through the blog!

    1. I've mentioned it before, but I wasn't even paying attention to Komi until now, and I regret that. It's now become one of my favorite things to read in the magazine aside from Saike and RYOKO. I think the short from really does it justice too. It's there and gone before it wears too thin.

      WSS really could use some more publicity, and since Jump is doing so many live action movies now, why not them too? Pretty much any of Takahashi's works would do nicely, Though I could see Conan pulling off a nice LA Movie with the right actors/writing.

      I'm up to episode 26 of Ushio to Tora and it's simple but very, very good I can see why Fujita has lasted so long in the magazine. He gets how shounen works on a fundamental level that many lose sight of. Souboutei seems a lot darker than U&T though. --And I should mention that it seems like the house can also cause people to hallucinate which is what was happening in the pages I linked. But dude that whole sequence was pretty trippy.

      I just was really happy to see Hajime and Hotaru interacting, and it didn't become a cliché war of affections. I really like both of them! Though I was surprised to see Snickers mentioned this week. As for Major, as someone who doesn't like sports manga, it's managed to grab hold of me for the time being. I might even bump up it's status to be a weekly staple like Saike and RYOKO if it manages to keep from boring me during games.

      Fukuchi really is crazy good at perspective in his art --going for things other mangaka wouldn't dare do. It's part of the reason I love him so --the other part being that like Fujita his works are just fun --though like Fujita's current work, Saike seems to be the less upbeat of his series. Not to the extent of Souboutei, but still. I'm really hoping this angle with Mikan goes somewhere, since I wasn't expecting him to bring this topic up at all. I always assumed she'd just never know of his abilities or the fights with other users, and that would be it. This could be really interesting if handled just right.

      Tenshi & Akuto is another that's impressed me with how much fun it is. Though in this case I think it's mostly Shikimi who's impressed me. Actually on that note, the "Tenshi" in the title --Nari hasn't appeared in a while despite being basically a second protagonist. Wonder what's up with that.

      I keep telling myself I need to get back on RYOKO but that just hasn't happened. I wish Viz would pick it up so I wouldn't feel so bad about being behind! Though I'd just pick up something else (Souboutei). It looks like something awesome is gonna happen next week which I'm looking forward to.

      I'm glad you're picking up a few favorites! I'll really need to do the post about scanslations so you can find those out there. I'm pretty sure all of them other than Souboutei and RYOKO are being'd be nice to be able to rec official sources but...yeah. On that note maybe I need to find someone else to handle RYOKO as the other party I thought would do it hasn't done anything....(welcome to scanslation life.)

      As always, thanks for reading!