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Weekly Shounen Sunday #26 (2019) Editorial section.

This week's question comes from King Nutria in Fukuoka: "Is there anything that you've thought to yourself 'Man, it's about time I go and buy a replacement for that thing'..."?

Kimi ha 008 (Syun Mastena): That's assuming I have money to actually buy anything..
Neko Gurashi no Gamer-san (Wataru Nadatani): Once again I'm invading your spaces with a cat manga. Volume one is in stores so pick up a copy if you will!
Maojo de Oyasumi (Kagiji Kumanomata): I wonder...maybe a Computer? It's good to have more stuff.
Tonikaku Cawaii (Kenjiro Hata): I'd really like to get a computer.
Major 2nd (Takuya Mitsuda): A house.
Tantei Xeno to Nanatsu Satsujin Misshitsu: (Teppei Sugiyama): A TV and Sofa....Someone ().
(TN- Not my mistake, that's how it's written in the TOC itself.)
Yuko Sae Tatakaeba (Sei Fukui)   Switch Pro Controllers for Smash bros!!
MAO (Rumiko Takahashi): A single handed pot.  The other one has gotten burnt so I need to buy a replacement..
Detective Conan: Zero's Tea Time (Takahiro Arai): A Pen tab and PC for drawing.
Gofun go no Sekai (Hiroshi Fukuda): A life?
Amano Megumi ha Suki darake! (Nekoguchi): A chair. I've been using the saaaaame one for ten years.
switch (Atsushi Namikiri): Dressing.
Daiku no Hatou (Michiteru Kusaba): A Vacuum Cleaner.
Komi-san wa komyushou desu (Tomohito Oda): A smart phone!! I've been using an iPhone 6 and I want an XS!!
Fire Rabbit!! (Aya Hirakawa): A washing machine, I suppose~
Undine wa Kyou mo Koi wo Suru ka? (Shinya Misu): Since the other day when my vacuum cleaner broke, I've been wanting to buy a replacement..
Zettai Karen Children (Takashi Shiina): Speaking of that, the last time I bought some decent clothes was about five years ago...
Ponkotsu-chan kenshouchuu (Tsubasa Fukuchi): My Blu ray player doesn't work, so a Blu Ray Recorder.
Souboutei Kowasubeshi (Kazuhiro Fujita): The plate I used for mosquito repellent sticks ended up getting used by a small cute piglet, so I'd like to replace it.
Aozakura Bouei Daigakkou monogatari (Hikaru Nikaido): I use everything carefully so I don't have anything in particular I need to replace.
RYOKO (Kaito Mitsuhashi): I'd like to replace the tiles on my floor before anyone gets hurt...
Maiko-san chi no Makanai-san (Aiko Koyama): My speakers.
Be Blues! (Motoyuki Tanaka): My smartphone case is really grody now, (lol) 
Sokyuu no Ariadne (Nobuhiro Yagi): The Organic EL I use on my TV is lost somewhere...
Hoankan Evans no Uso ~Dead or Love~ (Mizuki Kuriyama): The old dryer that mysteriously still remains usable should probably be replaced soon.
Chrono Magia: Infinity Gear (Takeshi Azuma): I've been using this same chair for more than 20 years. It's about time to change it.
Anonatsu 1959 (Ashibi Fukui): I've been using this same chair for 12 years --I bought it with my winnings from the rookie awards. 
Youkai Giga (Satsuki Satou): A White panda.
Tokaichi Hitoribocchi Nouen (Yuuji Yokoyama): A Computer and my right hand.

Ya'll should really do something about those chairs man. Considering how much a manga artist sits in them and doesn't move, I'd think they'd be super high priority! Yet so many of them haven't replaced them in more than a decade....I say this but I also had the same chair that I used for various things (including writing Sunday!) for nearly half a decade before changing it. I wonder what state Takeda's house must be in that he wants to start over, hah. I'm...not even going to ask what Satou is talking about, since by now I've figured out most of what they say isn't meant to be taken seriously. Otherwise a lot of these are pretty normal, though I really don't know what Yagi is talking about, so if you do feel free to chime in. 

So with this chapter we can assume Xeno is at least making strides towards that final chapter. Yup, you guessed it --someone uttered "Seventh murder room" towards the end, and it sounds like unlike the other rooms that seem to happen as the story progressed, this one has a whole backstory behind it. Of course this information is dropped at the end of the chapter, so we'll have to wait until next week to get more information. To keep from treading the same ground every week I will only lightly touch on how much I have been enjoying Xeno's pacing even if it's likely the series is going to be cancelled. Heck, I can't really even tell since so far everything has felt just right in terms of story development --maybe Nanatsuki and Sugiyama intended for the series to end this way? Either way this week has Xeno actually comforting Ayla? Wonders never cease! It's no mystery (heh) that I've been reading this series from the start mainly for Ayla so I'm happy to see that she and Xeno have come a long way from their encounter in chapter one. Though another thing here is that the mystery of the sixth door has yet to be solved and now the seventh is being brought up --and it's a case that's 8 years old? Xeno's got his work cut out for him in this probable final leg of the series. I do hope that the Sugiyama/Nanatsuki team will be given the time they need to make something compelling, though so far Shougakukan has been accommodating so there shouldn't be too much to worry about.

Ponkotsu is back to it's normal formula this week, but the gimmick keeps it from being a shallow retread of what came before it. While sometimes I wish I had more to comment on the series than "It's really, really cute" I can't lie --it does cute well, and Fukuchi's brand of humor and storytelling keep it from being stale. This week Yumesaki's power is to create a younger set of clones of a person --one being a good clone the other being evil-ish. (Not flat out evil just evil-ish.) The clones are also incapable of lying, so they say exactly what's on the mind of the person the power is used on creating a somewhat predictable but still funny result with Lil' Mito's good and bad clones basically flat out admitting they have a crush on Yumesaki. I'm sure by next chapter the awkwardness might remain but the event itself won't be commented on --as that's been Fukuchi's MO since the beginning of the work. I know I do sound a bit harsh towards the work, but I am enjoying it. Though after the potential the last chapter had with introducing more characters, I hope Fukuchi will consider adding to the cast sooner rather than later. 

A rare chill chapter of Souboutei this week, though after the high octane that has been the past few months it's well deserved. Plus it's more like the eye of the storm than a proper cooldown as now the unlikely band of misfits-made-heroes have to take on the big bad himself, and while Rokurou is alive, he's in no state to fight --as is Seiichi. Fujita comes from that old school shounen sensibility where the main characters come in fashionably late after the other characters have struggled valiantly to keep the bad guy at bay, so I'd imagine the two boys will be out of the spotlight for a while to build that good ol' tension. In a magazine...heck, genre that has mostly gotten away from such tropes, I admit I kind of find this nostalgic. Though, I wouldn't call Fujita a slave to the past --I'd say Souboutei has done it's fair share of subverting tropes while sticking to it's legacy as an old school new age shounen manga quite well. I'm only speculating on what'll happen next --though I could be totally wrong. I do think it is likely that we're going to shift focus to Kurenai soon. After all the boys need to rest, the sisters have their eyes back, and the group outside of the house need to plan for how to counterattack. 

It's been mentioned before that there's "Something else" inside of Rokurou and that "something else" is what saved him from an untimely death. It's going to play into something big, mark my words --but for now everyone is resting and next week we get a center color page to mark what is perhaps the shift into the final(?) clash. Implications aside, I'm just stoked to see more colored Fujita artwork. 

Interestingly RYOKO's indicating the second chapter of a new arc which is something you typically don't see unless a series is doing well enough to get that extra praise. Sadly RYOKO's sales aren't great, but maybe in a case of hope springs eternal, I have to wonder if maybe as a print book it doesn't do so hot, but digitally it might be worth keeping around? If anything it's abysmal sales should mark it down for cancellation but here we are --another arc that doesn't seem to progress some of the plot points established before that much. I'm still sort of surprised that the Ubume side plot didn't pan out the way I thought despite things seeming kind of obvious (To me.) Of course Mitsuhashi could very well spin things that way again later, but for now at least RYOKO (the series) is going back to what the main character herself is good at --hunting. 

After Broccoli it seems talking foodstuffs are going to be the norm. Besides the implications that Ryoko's master gave her at the start of the series (I do wonder if he'll be back at all? Him and Zen's buddies who got left behind...There really isn't a reason for any of these characters to return I suppose, but it'd be odd to completely write them off.) where she'll start running into creatures that are as clever as they are strong, I wonder how the worldview would change if the foodstuffs can actually talk back? I feel like that'd be an interesting thing to explore, but I don't know if Mitsuhashi would want to go that deep when he's walking a fine line. Also, yes, Ryoko's swimsuit --it's not quite as daring as one might have thought considering the way she was behaving (in fact it's kind of cute). Though what I like most is that it (the reveal) doesn't slow down the momentum for the chapter at all --a good thing since...

Not only does this foodstuff talk, It evolves too. That and it can use weapons! Ryoko's swimwear just became the least of her problems....

Warning --this chapter of Evans is for the guys. Have all the ladies left yet? I'll wait. Okay good, this week playboy Max has felt the cruelest mistress of all --or well actually it's the opposite of that. He got dumped. One of the best lines in the chapter comes from Evans in the top page above (on the left) where he pats Max on the shoulder and thinks to himself. "Welcome back to this side". You don't know how much self restraint it took me to not translate that as "dark side", hahaha. To cheer him up, Ted and Evans take him out on patrol (because what else do lawmen do when life has them down?) Though no matter what they do --even getting involved in a hold up, everything reminds Max of his ex (who he also met during "work".) This time around though, the case isn't about money --a guy who feels his girl has been cheating on him is threatening violence and while I probably shouldn't laugh, the guy trying to justify his actions to Evans (and completely going over his head since y'know, he's never had a girlfriend) is got a great laugh out of me. The whole deal being settled by the guy and Max commiserating over their lost loves was the topping on the chapter. I did warn the ladies to leave --not because of the subject matter but because pathetic guys who can't get over the past is unsightly and I wanted to spare you. (Though if you wanted a few laughs this chapter delivered.) 

This week's Youkai Giga features the Tsuchigumo --a type of spider which after living for a long time can turn into a youkai. They often rely on illusions and tricks to fool humans and live on silk webs in forests and mountains. I gotta say, Satou has a knack for making cute looking youkai look absolutely terrifying. Also, for creating versions of these creatures that only vaguely look like their inspirations until it's too late. That thing there looks more like a bear than a spider until it transforms, doesn't it? The story for this week is about a young girl who thinks of herself as a coward until she saves a strange creature (who openly admits it was just in a deathmatch --a sign to run away very quickly) who asks her if she has any problems. She admits that her friends belittle a poor girl in the village and while she feels bad about it, she doesn't have the courage to stick up for the child --so the Tsuchigumo suggests killing everyone. The girl has no choice but to go in and sock the kids making fun of the poor girl before the Tsuchigumo gets there --and it...actually stops attacking. Could this have been it's plan the whole time? No way...

And that's it for issue #26 of Sunday. I hope you're following the twitter for the news and other fun Sunday tidbits as this section is only for my musings. There will be more news/musings next week and I hope you'll be watching this space and that one for them! Until then!

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Weekly Shounen Sunday #25 (2019) Editorial section.

This week's question comes from "The final Granny" in Tokyo --"What is the biggest thing you remember from your rookie days (specifically before your first serialization)? 

Be Blues! (Motoyuki Tanaka): How tough it was to draw a oneshot on a weekly schedule.
Yuugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga inai (Jun Sakurai/Finale): It's been seven years since I started in Sunday Super! I've learned a lot from my first serialization. I'll be diligent in my efforts from here on in too!
Komi-san ha Komyusho desu (Tomohito Oda): The room I lived in back at the time was super cold in the winter...Nowadays it's quite warm.
Yuko sae Tatakaeba (Sei Fukui): The first time I attended a Shougi match in Sendagaya!!
Amano Megumi ha Suki darake! (Nekoguchi): When I went on a trip to Okinawa with Fujita and his group.
MAO (Rumiko Takahashi): When I finished my storyboards and got treated to steak from time to time --it was so tasty!
Maiko-san chi no Makanai-san. (Aiko Koyama): My part time job.
Hoankan Evans no Uso ~Dead or Love~ (Mizuki Kuriyama): It's not much different than now, but back then I used to hang my head while sitting late night in family restaurants.
Tonikaku Cawaii (Kenjiro Hata): Back when I was an assistant --Kumeta-sensei was ahead of everyone else, and we ended up working silently as a result.
Aozakura Bouei daigakkou monogatari (Hikaru Nikaido) That my editor was really pretty.
Souboutei Kowasubeshi (Kazuhiro Fujita): We didn't have an air conditioner and it got really hot from time to time. I gotta apologize to my two assistants...
Maoujo de Oyasumi (Kagiji Kumanomata): When the artist I was an assistant for before got me a bear shaped cake for my birthday.
Fire Rabbit!! (Aya Hirakawa): The first time I saw a manga I draw serialized in a magazine. I was overjoyed to see my lines written and a logo for my work.
Detective Conan: Zero's Tea Time (Takahiro Arai): When my name was misspelled on my debut work.
Kimi wa 008 (Syun Matsuena): Working so late into the night that I lost consciousness...I guess?
Ponkotsu-chan Kenshochuu (Tsubasa Fukuchi): When I first step foot into the Sunday editorial department, I felt like my world had been connected to theirs.
Sokyuu no Ariadne (Nobuhiro Yagi): When both my first assistant and I were completely worn down body and soul.
Daiku no Hatou (Michiteru Kusaba): I was poor...
Undine wa kyou mo koi wo suru ka? (Shinya Misu): When I went to the award ceremony for the rookie prize gripping a small daruma doll.
Gopun go no Sekai (Hiroshi Fukuda): When I went to Disney Land with Fujita-sensei and his friends! (Lol) I had such a good time!
switch (Atsushi Namikiri): When my my scary senpai were kind assistants and taught me how to work.
Chrono Magia: Infinity gear (Hikaru Muno/Homura Kawamoto): When we decided to make our debut together.
RYOKO (Kaito Mitsuhashi): When I gathered everything together and pressed further and further ahead, concentrating as hard as I could.
Zettai Karen Children (Takashi Shiina): I was young so If I put my mind to it I could sleep 26 hours straight. Nowadays I don't love my Futon as much.
Anonatsu 1959 (Ashibi Fukui): When I first left Osaka and traveled to live on my own.
Tantei Xeno to Nanatsu no Satsujin Misshitsu (Kyouichi Nanatsuki) When my first manuscripts I won took the "Manuscript award" and became manga. 
Youkai Giga (Satsuki Satou): When my mood became that of Peach Pie.
Tokaichi Hitoribocchi Nouen (Yuuji Yokoyama): When I became the secretary for a manga artist and was so bad at my job that I got fired in half a year. 

As expected with a question like this --a lot of the answers were fairly personal. Interesting that it's also the last time Sakurai will have to answer a question like this for a while --yup, as you know Yuugami's final chapter runs this week, and I've made an exception to cover it on the blog once again! Most of these are pretty straight forward, though Fujita making sure his assistants are taken care of continues to support this notion I have that he's team Sunday Dad, haha. A few won awards and got where they are which is also inspiring --never give up on your dreams! Though there are a few people here I hope have been able to get better schedules so they don't wear themselves down...

It feels like this would have been a way better story fro chapter 100 rather than 103, but here we are. Evans's friends want to throw him a surprise Birthday party, and it's increasingly difficult to keep the sheriff from finding out what they're up to. That being said it's also really clear that Evans expects a huge celebration, but won't actually say that. Which makes sense of course, but since the characters are typically unwilling to express what they want it's even funnier this time when everything that can go wrong for Evan's birthday celebration does go wrong, and he's left wondering if Ted being held captive, and a gunman barking orders at him is part of some kind of weird anti-birthday ritual. In short, he's sure they're just messing with him. I gotta say though, how could Ted not realize that his boss is actually unaware of his life being in danger? I suppose that's part of the audacity of Evans --being this good at your job means that most people can't fathom that perhaps sometimes you don't know what you're doing, hah. I don't think Kuriyama is thinking that deeply --rather it's just elements of the story linking together in an obvious way as this obvious setup would suggest. Evans does what the gunman holding Ted tells him because he thinks there's a surprise party involved, until Ted calls everyone out by singing Happy Birthday as loudly as he can. It's an audacious tactic but hey it works! The bad guy is captured and the party goes off without a hitch and Evans being none the wiser. Again it's all pretty play-by-play, but refuge in it's audacity saves it from being a complete retread. 

I wouldn't have thought the chapter would end this way but in another way I suppose it was all leading up to this moment. Here I thought Fujita would find some way to reform the errant sister and they'd all go on to face Sakamaki together but instead this is her swan song. That's not to say her little sisters are okay with making an enemy out of their older sis --and it's  here that the Fujita sentiment comes in. (I know I sound a little bit dismissive, but I mean that endearingly.) She --the older sister Kikuyo has been taken over by the house and the younger siblings realizing they have a job to do make the difficult decision to take her out. It might sound kind of harsh but I actually like how matter of fact they are about the whole situation --it's them or the evil house. Do or die, and there's no time for sentiment. 

Though one of the bigger highlights this week is Dr. Auguste making the discovery that the monsters of the Souboutei didn't check their handiwork --Rokuro is down but not out! With some medical treatment he might still survive! Things are taking a turn for the better with this development --that and the sisters getting their eyes back, but with Fujita one has to earn their happy endings --and we're not at the finish line yet. 

It feels good to be right --I've been saying Ponkotsu might be a little better with more characters, and this week's chapter was indeed improved by the apperance of Yumesaki's family. To the point that Mito isn't even necessary to move the plot along. (He only appears on the last page!) If the series can pull off more chapters like this I might be completely won over yet. I say this as if I wasn't already 100% in when Fukuchi's name came up, hah. Though no, like Evans it's a fairly simple idea --this time around Yumesaki's power is to cause things to grow larger. Yumesaki hoping to do an investigation without relying on Mito tries it on various things but instead causes either herself or her family members to grow larger resulting in hilarity as she tries not to alert her parents to her abilities, and wreck the house. This week's chapter has felt the most "Fukuchi" out of the entire series so it's no surprise that it's been my favorite so far. He's always had an innate sense of silliness even in series like Saike that have a far more serious tone, so to see him embrace that side moreso than the rom-com one that he has in the last few chapters was a real treat. Not only that, it shows that Yumesaki can function on her own as a character even without Mito --though I wonder if the opposite is true? I just hope Fukuchi keeps this up as I'd like to enjoy the series on a level moreso than "It's my favorite author." 

Reappearing in the blog for the last time is Yuugami! Although he's been away from the blog for a while, I felt like it would be proper to give him a fond farewell here. To the surprise of probably very few, the finale of this series is very low key. If you came into this installment hoping for some huge revelation, then you'll be disappointed but I do think the summation of Yuugami's character and the series themes were particularly well handled. Yes, that is Yuugami delivering Pizzas above, hah and to Chihiro's surprise he even gave up baseball a year after graduation. I love that Chihiro discovers this from her friends as they order Pizza and watch baseball, and it's Yuugami who delivers it while warning her of how many calories the food has. Sakurai's sense of comedic timing is still pretty incredible, hah. Interestingly, even his family hasn't seen him much as when Chihiro mentions to his little sister (who she's still on good terms with) that she saw him Yuko asks how he's doing. It really is Yuugami-like to just not keep up communication doesn't it? 

What makes up the core of this finale isn't a whole tour of "What's everyone doing now"? Rather, it's several moments of Yuugami inviting Chihiro to hang out with him. Yes, hold on to your seats, he is inviting her. Though the caveat is he's not exactly giving her a choice of places to go --it's always Rakugo, and at random times. Poor Chihiro is so bespotted that she just continues to accept these invitations, but it does give her further insight into the man who is Yuugami. One thing I have enjoyed about this series (I'm sure I've mentioned it) is that Yuugami's constant avoidance of friendly interactions isn't treated as a problem to solve but rather a unique quirk of his personality that others at first don't understand but come around on as the series progresses. Chihiro's character could have been reduced to simply apologizing or explaining Yuugami but because he's portrayed as not just a problem but a guy who has a unique look on the world and isn't hesitant to explain it she's more like an ally than a plot device. Even in this chapter she's still learning about him and maybe because she's gotten so close is less hesitant to ask him questions --to talk to him. Despite this she's unsure as to why he's going out of his way to invite her to rakugo (and not give her any other options) until another friend suggests that despite his actions and words Yuugami might actually consider her a...friend? 

As to why Yuugami gave up baseball,'s because he discovered something he wanted to do more than be on the field. He wants to make friends.....with an alien. Thus his dream is to be an astronaut! Never change Yuugami. Never change. Though hey it's a dream he was willing to share with her and no one else, so perhaps they are friends. I like how the chapter is framed around texts from Chihiro's friends all wondering the same thing --why her, why invite her out? Is he dating her? Just for kicks? What? After a while however, Chihiro just starts to enjoy the time with Yuugami even if she's not sure why he's doing it. Though eventually it comes to her during a Rakugo performance about the importance of making friends --Yuugami wanted her to hear this, to be a part of what he's into. Sure he's not into the idea of having a bunch of friends but he isn't against the idea of friendship itself. It's a great exploitation of the title and audience expectations, and I love it. Yuugami won't call Chihiro a friend in the end, but he does know he wants to continue doing more things with her so that's a win, and the end of the series. Jun Sakurai's unflinching dedication to friendlessness in the protagonist has conversely provided a view on friendship that I feel couldn't have been done in a story that wasn't dedicated to it's premise. It helps the artwork is charming and the characters all a lot of fun. Sadly there's no notice at the end of the chapter that Sakurai will be back in Sunday, and I hope that doesn't mean that they've decided to move on as I'd love to see them back in Sunday (any Sunday) after a good long rest. I do hope we'll meet again Sakurai! Take care. 

RYOKO isn't dead yet! I admit that don't know (or keep up with) the number of chapters needed to fill a volume, so it could very well be that Mitsuhashi is just getting an extension to get a fifth volume of material out there (and after volume four's abysmal sales I wouldn't be surprised if five is the finale), but the tantalizing lure of a new arc does have me excited. From the looks of things we're going back to slice of life hunting for at least a little while so maybe my pessimism is unfounded?

After escaping the ordeal that was the Lost forest, Ryousuke says he wants Sushi! While RYOKO isn't unfamiliar with making the mundane supernatural (In fact that's arguably the series's premise), it's great how a staple food of Japanese diets elicits a huge "whoa" response from Ryoko and her father. Though hey they have a bit of free time now that everyone isn't in peril, so why not go track down some fish for sushi? It's also a return to why I like Ryoko (the character) so much. Sure it would be easy to write her as a stoic badass, and in response to how women are written in media (with a focus on shounen manga) it might even feel required. I'm not at all suggesting that female stoic badass characters are bad in any way, or that there are too many. No, in fact I'd argue the opposite! Though my point is does every female protagonist have to be one? Ryoko can be that stoic badass in the tradition of Shounen manga, but she is at her core a 15-16 year old girl who wants a family and is interested in (a?) boy. Some might see those traits as weaknesses and I don't see why they have to be --if the character is written compellingly then their interests are what we root for. Rather than wanting our interests to become theirs. A story isn't written personally for the audience, rather, the audience finds something personal in it to take away. I won't disagree that the author has some responsibility in this transaction, but I do think sometimes we heap way more on them that can be reasonably be expected. Whew, I kind of got off topic there...though the chapter itself is pretty cute. To hunt fish the gang needs to be properly outfitted in swimwear, and Ryoko has outgrown her swimsuit from elementary school prompting Rere to get her another....but Ryoko is reluctant to let anyone see her in the ones she picks out. Anyone? Who else is around aside from...ah. Oh Ryoko, you bashful lass you. That being said, I do think we need to see more of her and Zen hanging out together if Mitsuhashi's blatant ambitions are to succeed. 

Since her brief break-up with Xeno, Ayla's been understandably reluctant speak up. That all ends with this chapter where she has an uncharacteristic outburst. To be fair there's quite a bit of strain what with the deaths occurring around them, and a sleeper agent in their midst causing them. This week is mostly investigation and introductions --a slowdown from the weeks before it, though Xeno does point out that if Kai is the one who built this ship, there must be a trick --a mechanism that facilitates murder. When the group is trapped by someone in a room in the ship, (a double locked room?!) One of the soldiers decides that he has had enough of Xeno and wants to take his chances looking for a way out over his dead body. That plus their cavalier attitude towards the oncoming rebellion is what pushes Ayla over the edge --as soldiers they should know what the cost of life is, how many people could die if the rebellion happens. As someone who took a life --only one she can't ever forget that feeling. By finally releasing those pent up emotions, not only can she heal but Xeno can comfort her properly which is what he begins to do by the time this chapter ends. Of course it's in his own way --telling her that they have work to do, but as his assistant he knows she can help him. A siren goes off indicating there isn't much time left, and while not much actually happened this week I'm glad we got this chapter if only because Ayla's character development was due and this delivered in a very subtle but effective way. 

This week's Youkai Giga features the Gyuki which can have different appearances depending on it's geographical location. These different types can eat different things, but they share some defining characteristics --mostly that they are cruel creatures and eat humans. 

So with an intro like that, what does Satou do in their rendition of this youkai? Looks kind of cute doesn't it? this week's chapter a girl finds the Gyuki in a cave where she tries to get friendly with it, wondering why it has been chained up in a cave. As mentioned, the Gyuki is pretty hostile and wonders if she's come to kill it since unless it eats humans it'll die. Though it is nice enough to point out that the mushroom she's about to eat is poisonous so she'd die too. The girl seems determined to have Gyuki listen to her problems as she demands it ask her why she's here --she's a pretty young lady so she'd have no reason to travel to a cave unless she's having problems right? Gyuki hazards a few domestic guesses and she gets upset that it'd think she'd come all this way over fighting with her parents or breaking up with someone. (Spoiler, it's the latter thing.) Though Gyuki does say she's got to be an okay person to come and feed a starving monster --not many people like that still exist in those times. The girl decides that she'll free the Gyuki but it does warn her --it will kill and eat humans once it's free. The girl admits she's been fooled before but to live a life without believing in anyone is too much for her and she lets the youkai go.....ending the chapter. It's...huh. Honestly? I kind of like that it ends here without a clear conclusion. Does the Gyuki eat her and keep it's promise? Or does the girl's words reach it and it mends it's ways? We'll never know. (Maybe.). Satou has maintained that Youkai/human relationships are complex things and this one case isn't going to suddenly change that. 

And that's it for the editorial! Slightly more words than usual admittedly, but I appreciate you for sticking around and reading a few of them! Until the next week of Sunday, have a good one.